Rebecca Blevins Begley

Profile Updated: June 3, 2010
Class Year: 1975
Residing In: Big Stone Gap, VA USA
Spouse/Partner: James D. Begley
Occupation: Retired
Children: Angela Marie, born Oct.1978 & Cindy Danielle, born September 1983
Yes! Attending Reunion

Finished my nursing & got my LPN licens in 1976. Married James D. Begley in 1976. Had Angela in 1978,James D worked for Westmorland & in the day you were "safe" so I was able to stay home with Angela until she wanted to go to the Christian School with her friends.I worked at Heritage Hall Health Care II, in BSG until Spring of 1983. That's when I found out I was haveing another baby..didn't know the sex back then & still mostly guessing closely to your due date. Had her in late Sept. her birth was anounced at McDonalds in Norton, most of the church was there for another childs birthday! I stayed home with her until she wanted to go to the Christian School like "Sissie"! I was hired at "The Big Stone Gap Clinic", not here any more! Worked there PRN for several years. Learned LOTS MORE THAN I DID IN NURSING SCHOOL!! Finally got fulltime with Dr. Blau. Heard rumors the clinic was closing soon. Dr. Blau was honest and told me yes it was in a few more months. I had told him I had a fulltime job offer in Norton, he said take it if they want you! So I did. I worked there with an Endoconrologist for about 5 years I think. Got mad and quit. Yea, some things never change, do they? Anyway the county decided to hire School Nurses for 3 hrs. a day at a big $5.00 and hour & of course no benefits. But I was home when there was no school, which was important because by then Westmorland had shut down! Donnese Kern, remembered me from the clinic and offered me the job. I took it. I LOVED IT! Thanks Donnese I started at the PV Middle School & HS., then PV Middle by it's self. We got a few more hours and a little pay raise the years I worked for the county 5 hours a day and $7.00 an hour. I quit at the half from the middle school..needed some time! But Donnese rehired me in the fall at PV Primary & for emergencys at the HS. I worked there until 1989, I got sick and haven't worked since. We have two beautiful daugheters and two wonderful son-in-laws, one fantastic Granddaugheter who'll be 2 this August, and her Mommie and Daddy are expecting the second fantastic Granddaugheter this July. Can't wait. Just wish they lived closet..but ya have to go were the jobs are. Both families have great jobs and love their work. They both & 1 son-in-law also graduated from gool ole PVHS!! LOTS OF GREAT MEMORIES! Yeah some not so good to..but we all grow up and make better choices than when we thought we knew everything!! We are both Born Again Christians and Love The Lord. Still attend Legion Memorial United Methodist Church in the VALLEY.. Yes the one with the cemetary! Unfortunally James D. was injured in a mineing accident in 2000! He's a miracle to be alive and that's in Tennessees Medical Books now! So we stay home most of the time when we're not takeing ourselves or someone else to the Dr. office. But we are Blessed and Alive. In 1994 before Westmorland shut down we traveled to LA,CA. and visited a cousin & her family who live there and we hadn't seen in YEARS. We also to my Mom and Daddy with us.That was just after the OJ thing with his first wife!! So we were limited as to where we could go, lots of riots and stuff going on. My cousins son is on the LAPD, & he knows that James D. always manages to end up in the wrong end of town, we had to have one of them with us or one of the LAPD! Never a dull moment with James at the wheel! HA! We've been back once and hope to go back again! We drove there twice,the second time we also flew to Hawaii!! Now there is Hevan all that's missing is The Good Lord and The Gold Streets! BEAUTIFUL place! If ya get a chance go there, it's worth it! When we left LA comming back to VA. on Halloween it was beautiful we took the long way back,When we came through The Rockies there was snow & lots of it!! Also BEAUTIFUL! But unlike here the roads were completly dry! Their DOT do great work, guess they have to since snow is their money season! I had fallen asleep it was warm I woke up we were at the same reststop we'd stoped in 1994 only this time instead of feeding the Parrie Dogs we were walking quickly & carefully to the restrooms and roaring fire inside! Pictures do not do justice! We flew back to Hawaii a few years ago,was told one of my friends from PVHS lives there but never could get a phone # to get in touch. So if she sees this call me, 30+years is too long! I still miss our talks. I have also found my biological family! Yep, rem. I was addopited at birth. I have 1 older brother, 1 younger brother & 1 younger sister. I was lucky I was addopted through the Wellfare and they had all my records but had to contact my older brother to get permission for me to contact him. CRAZY...we're all adults & if permission had been given in 1957 what was the problem in 2000? I try to keep in touch with all of them! I guess I keep up with my sister know how sisters are! It doesn't matter that we weren't raised together we still sisters so we keep up. My brothers I try to keep up with but they don't know they can call me from their phones it's not limited to incomming calls! HA!HA! Brothers ya gotta LOVE 'EM! And I DO! Of course I still have my sisters I grew up with Rhonda, Jackie, Paula, Mary Lynn,Liz, Cathy, Teresa, Diane and a bunch more that I keep in touch with. That's fairly easy since most of them still live here! I still live life to the fullest that I can nowdays, and love life. Have connected with several from school and enjoy chatting with them when I can! So until next time God Bless and Keep you always!

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I'll have to think about that one! Might get myself in trouble too! HA!HA!


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