Alumni Profiles (1983)

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Cherie Akens
Cindy Baker
Magaret Baker
Ellen Baldwin (Lockhart)   
Lisa Ball
Connie Barker
Lisa Barker
Diana Belt
Maria Bentley (Stidham)   
Julie Bishop
Brian Blair
Melinda Blanken (Earwood)   
Sheri Blanken (Connery)   
Kevin Blanton  
Steve Blevins
Pam Boggs
Robert Bolinsky   
Connie Bowman
Don Brickey
Rhonda Burke
Michael Burney   
Patrick Burton
Page Campbell  
Vicki Carter (Addison)  
Troy Chandler
Eddie Childress
David Clendenon
Lee Cloud
Juinor Cole   
Louis Collier  
Kim Collins
Bobby Colvard
Dianna Cooper
Debbie Cornett
George Cox    
Peggy Dillon (Langston)   
Regina Durham
Steven Edmonds   
Mark Fannon
Garry Felton
Mike Ferrell
Wayne Fields
Pam Fisher
Alice Fogg
Sheila Gabbert
John Giles
Melody Gilly
Mary Grubb
Karen Hager
Lonnie Hartsock    
Luanne Hensley
Ruth Herron
Forrest Hobbs
Michelle Hobbs
Phillip Hoskins
Brian Hughes
Randy Hutchinson    
Angela Jackson
Brian Jackson   
Jim Jessee
Ron Juanso
Dale Kelley   
Den Kelly
Kim Kelly
Steve Kindle
Vicky King
Greg Kirk
Jeff Kirk    
Rhonda Lane
Bobby Lawson
Mike Lawson
Tammy Leonard
Gerald Litton
Gina Lovell
Keith Lovell
Lisa McKee (Trent)   
Caroline McKinney (Douglas)    
Kim McKinney
Wayne McKinney
Ellen Messer
Faith Messer
Cindy Miller
Julie Miller
Russ Moore
Sandra Moore-Chandler
Angie Morris
Reka Mullins
Kevin Myers
Kim Neal
John Owens   
Barry Parsons   
Renee Parsons
Susan Perry
Becky Phillips
Duane Phillips
Paula Phillips
Freddy Poff
Jim Qualls
Herschel Quillen   
Kevin Ramey
Cindy Reece
Kevin Robison
Christina Rogers (Roberts)   
Tony Rollins   
Kenneth Skeen
Evelyn Smith (Thompson)   
Beau Spears
Leroy Stacy
Dale Stidham   
Alex Stratton
Bernice Sturgill
John Sturgill
Scott Talley
Joey Tate
Ruth Tate
Lisa Terry (Lilly)   
Billy Thomas   
Mike Tiller  
Jenny Tomlinson (Clay)   
Karen Turner
Becky Wells
Sandy Wells
Donna Williams
David Wilson    
Robert Withers    
Shari Wood
Brian Woods    
Tracey Woodward (Vellidis)   
Vickie Yost (Patton)   

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